A 3-Part Documentary Series
Hosted & Directed by Niobe Thompson

Premieres in Canada on cbc.ca and CBC TV in 2018
Coming to PBS, ZDF, ARTE and others in 2019

“A life-consuming work anchored in a devotion to animals... stunning visuals!” — The Globe and Mail
“An ambitious and masterful exploration of our relationship with the horse…” — Edmonton Journal
“Stunning visuals… a gem to behold!” — TV, eh?

The Horse Changed Everything.

From the moment humans mounted these magnificent animals, we shaped our world with horsepower. Join anthropologist Niobe Thompson on a global journey to explore the evolution of horsepower, discover the mysterious origins of our incredible partnership, and witness our enduring love of horses in the present day.

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Series Trailer

Equus Trailer

Series Trailer

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The Cinematography of Equus

Cinematography of Equus

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Music of Equus
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